Nanna Ditzel 100 year anniversary

Nanna Ditzel was a Danish designer, born in Copenhagen in 1923 .

She studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School for Furniture Design and began her career as a textile designer. In the 1950s, Ditzel began designing furniture together with her husband, Jørgen Ditzel. Together they created the iconic " The Hanging Egg Chair" An egg -shaped wicker chair in peddigreed wicker, which became a symbol of Danish modernism.

After her husband's death in 1961, Ditzel continued to design furniture on her own. Her work was known for being both elegant and functional, and she was one of the most prominent Danish designers of the 20th century.
Ditzel's influence on the world of design was great and she received several awards and honors during her career. She died in 2005, but her legacy as one of Denmark's most successful designers lives on to this day.