Cast iron dish in elegant silk matt summer colours.

Our completely unique cast iron dish. Heavy, stable and yet so light and elegant
Already back in 1998, Danish Hans Sandgren Jakobsen designed this beautiful dish. For several years, designer and cabinetmaker, Hans Sandgren Jakobsen worked in Nanna Ditzel's design studio, where he developed his material curiosity. In that period, Hans Sandgren Jakobsen designed the Zero cast iron dish. With this beautiful dish, you get Scandinavian design and Danish craftsmanship at its best. The dish's smooth surface offers more opportunities to decorate, with personal decorations according to season and holiday. You can also use the dish without decoration, it looks beautiful in itself.

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Our timeless Scandinavian products are made in close collaboration with skilled designers and artists. The combination of good craftsmanship, functionality and an elegant expression is the foundation for our products.

Zere Lysfad Sort Wolff Nordic

Made in Denmark. Designed by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

The candle holder is made of cast iron, which guarantees a long life and resistance to heat and temperature fluctuations. It is also easy to clean and has a surface treatment for extra durability. It is 34 centimeters in diameter, the feet are covered with felt that protects surfaces from scratches from the cast iron.

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