Frequently asked questions

Can the jars withstand frost?

Yes, all our cast iron pots are 100% frost-proof throughout their long life, even if there is water in them.

My jars make rust stains on the tiles!

Yes, all our untreated jars will have the rust-red surface during the first few days. It is quite natural that it will rub off on the substrate, as a bit of the rust will run off, typically in rainy weather. We produce jars with black surface treatment. They are suitable, for example, for wooden terraces.

Can my bench have new wood installed?

Yes, we work directly with the carpenter who does all our woodwork. All wood can be repaired or replaced at cost.

Is my light tray fireproof?

It is 100% candle safe. But the decoration you may have decorated with can be damaged if you let the candles burn down completely. In addition, as on all surfaces, shields or marks may appear when exposed to high heat.